Welcome to the DENapalooza event page for the tour stop in Denver, CO.

Event Date: September 21, 2013 new date

Event Location: Castle View High School, 5254 N. Meadows Drive, Castle Rock, CO 80109

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Registration/Light Breakfast (Lunch Room/Commons
Opening and Welcome (Theater)
Morning Session 1 (3000 Pod)
Morning Session 2 (3000 Pod)
Unconference Planning (Lunchroom)
Lunch and Networking (Lunchroom)
Unconference Session 1 (3000 Pod)
Unconference Session 2 (3000 Pod)
Unconference Session 3 (3000 Pod)
Closing and Prizes! (Theater)

Morning Session Descriptions:
(Room Numbers Coming Soon!)
Session 1 - 9:30-10:15

Room 3700 - Cate Beck - Mix and Mash-DE and Web 2.0 - DE Content, paired with the latest and greatest Web 2.0 collaboration and creation tools (think: Edmodo, Animoto, Voki, Gloster, Smore) can produce amazing and engaging demonstrations of learning. These activities can be done with kids anywhere from Kindergarten to High School. Be sure to bring your laptop and an idea. We'll show off some examples and give you some work time as well. Presentation Resources

Room 3800 - Steve Dembo - Storytelling for the YouTube Generation - Every student has a camera in their pocket and easy access to video tools that rival professional movie studios. How do we use these powerful technologies in the classroom? Explore non-traditional ways to harness the power of digital storytelling to tap into student creativity throughout the curriculum. In this session, we will explore a series of several different YouTube videos and genres. We will analyze the original each video and break down what exactly is so appealing about it and how we can use simple technologies to replicate those ideas.

Room 3600 - Barbara Grindle - Connecting through the DEN - Encourage participation in DEN Connects. Explore the various options. Share my part in creating the Digital Dives. Share my DENSI2013 experience including some of the videos that were made. Do a game or activity, possibly like the DENGO to connect attendees to each other.

Room 3900 - Gwynn Moore - Discovery Video Recast - Participants will learn how to search Discovery Education Resources to find editable videos with closed captioning and how to create their own captioning and recordings that can be used as projects for students in all grades Presentation Resources.

Room 3550 - Kay Bolerjack - Flipping Your Classroom with DE - Strategies and tools to flip your instructional practice. This presentation will feature the use of Discovery Education materials and other web tools to change your classroom and increase student engagement and understanding. A flipped/blended classroom includes ideas for project based learning and collaboration Presentation Resources.

Session 2 - 10:20-11:05

Room 3600 - Jennifer Jensen - Easy, Everyday Integration Ideas with Discovery Education - Both you and your students can be the teacher using DE content. Learn creative ways to use DE resources in your classroom. Bring your laptop...we'll have examples of student work and some time to explore. Presentation Resources. (To view these you will need to join the Colorado - Discovery Education Edmodo Group. The Group Code is d7m3yt)

Room 3550 - Kevin Anderle - Student Collaboration Using Discovery Education Science Techook and Edmodo - We will look at some ways in which students can collaborate using the Discovery Science Techbook and Edmodo. Bring a laptop or iPad for a web-based research activity.

Room 3900 - Shannon Wentworth - Digital Storytelling Ideas with Discovery Education - See how to use DE videos, images, and audio resources for some fun student created projects. Presentation Resources

Room 3700 - Patricia Fowler - Back to School with Discovery Education - Be one of the first to get a look at the brand new enhancements inside Discovery Education Streaming and Streaming Plus! This session will highlight meaningful instructional strategies for leveraging digital tools, content, and resources. See the all-new Student Center, student Board Builder, and the new Streaming Plus with support for the Common Core - complete with model lessons, assessments, and digital content designed to address Math and ELA Common Core standards.

Room 3800 Steve Dembo - Untangling the Web: Free Tools to Power Up Your Teaching - Just another tools session? Hardly. We'll start off with tools that were featured in the recent book of the same name, and then break off into other sites that support, supplement and fit the needs of a variety of niche educators. We won't just explore individual sites, we'll look at clusters and genres that every educator should be aware of and make time to become familiar with. And did I mention that they're all free?

Unconference Information can be found here.